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The Study

This is a pragmatic, randomized, multicenter, controlled trial in which participants will be randomized to a 9-month precision medicine treatment approach or a 9-month standard treatment approach. The standard treatment approach group will have the option to receive up to six months of precision medicine treatment and testing at no cost following the completion of the trial.


Both groups will be tested at baseline using cognitive assessments and blood testing which will be repeated throughout the study. Both groups will participate in monthly appointments with a physician. The lifestyle intervention portion of this study will be assessing the impact of diet, exercise, stress, sleep and environment.

We are evaluating persons who live within 1-hour of one of our six trial sites and who fall within the age range of 45-76. You can see our full inclusion and exclusion criteria on


If you’re interested in applying to be a participant, please click on the button below and allow our team 2-3 weeks to process your application.


Feel free to spread the word to others who may be interested.

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