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More than 6 million Americans are impacted by Alzheimer’s, the most common disease with dementia as the primary symptom, and about one-third of people with MCI due to Alzheimer's disease develop dementia within 5 years of diagnosis


This is a revolutionary trial we believe has the potential to positively impact the future of medicine. This could change how we treat early dementia and mild cognitive impairment by looking at it from a precision medicine perspective and using lifestyle intervention. We encourage you to share the news of this clinical trial.

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Thank you for your interest in this exciting clinical trial! We are a group of brain and precision medicine experts evaluating the effects of a novel precision medicine and lifestyle intervention treatment approach for memory loss reversal in early dementia and mild cognitive impairment. We are looking for up to 87 participants to complete this 9-month randomized controlled trial who live within 1-hour to one of the six participating trial sites and fall between the age range of 45-76. You can view our full inclusion and exclusion criteria on

If you are interested in applying to this study, click on the button below. Once you complete the survey, your answers will be reviewed by one of our team members over the next 4 or more weeks who will evaluate if you’re a possible candidate and contact you accordingly. 

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